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How to gain access to forums Empty How to gain access to forums

Post  Katsumi on Sat Apr 11, 2009 12:00 pm

Pretty standard stuff.

1. You register on forum and then confirm via the email
2. You post up a little introduction in the recruitment section once you log in with your registered/confirmed username

For people that are currently in alliance, you can
1. PM either first your clan leader, Katsumi or Zarela to give you access or
2. Make a post and we'll provide you the member privilege when possible or
3. Request to join your clan's user group here. You need to wait for your clan leader to approve you so let them know that you have sent a request.

For NEW people that wishes to join the alliance, you would post an introduction thread regarding your
- Level
- Class
- Average Activity Rate/Day

Optional although if you prefer you can post a little introduction about yourself and your gaming experience
- Game Experience
- Personal character info
- Why do you want to join Ethereal


IGN: Katsumi
Level: 67
Class: Mystic
Activity: 6-8 hr/day

Experience: Played competitively in various mmorpg i.e Perfect World, Zhu Xian, SoF, etc
About me: I'm a vampire, I vant to suck your blood Twisted Evil
Reason wanting to join: Ethereal is an strong and active alliance that participates in a variety of events ingame, and I want to be part of it...


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